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Random Poison Oak Breakout

Subject: Random Poison Oak Breakout
Author: julia
Date: 6/30/2005 12:31 pm
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When I was about 12, I fell into a patch of poison oak that grew behind our house. I was 40% covered in the rash. I was treated with Benadryl and eventually had to go to the hospital to get a shot (of what, I don't remember). After the hospital, I never had a problem with poison oak again until now, 15 years later. I recently broke out because of poison oak again, and I am certain this is what it is (small rash of tiny blisters clustered together that itches like the devil from time to time, although mine aren't weeping yet; I've been resisting the urge to scratch) but this time I've had no contact with the plant itself. I do, however, have an outdoor cat. I wonder if it's possible the cat got into poison oak and generously passed it on to me by rubbing against my legs after contact with the plant. Is it possible it spreads via animals? I also wonder if animals have reactions to poison oak as well.

Random Poison Oak Breakout (Approved)julia6/30/2005 12:31 pm
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