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Re: P/O &the penis/testicles

Subject: Re: P/O &the penis/testicles
Author: Eyeredthsonthsyte
Date: 6/29/2005 10:07 pm
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I have just returned from a backpacking trip in the canyons of Arizona, where to my surprise, poision ivy and oak are plentyful. After hiking through a huge patch of the stuff, my group and I proceded to the water to rinse off - after a thurough scrub with sand and water we thought we would be safe. The next day however - youch! I was bubbling with a huge patch on my chest. A friend told me to rub some 1thick mud on the area and let it dry and stay for the day. I was quite impressed when the cooling and drying of the mud helped to alieveate the itch, and within a few days of using thick canyon mud - my poision ivy had dried up to just a few scabs.
--EeekAbbott@NOSPAMaol.com submitted 29/Sep/2001

P/O &the penis/testicles (Approved)Ted6/29/2005 0:48 am
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