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We're scartching!

Subject: We're scartching!
Author: Cheryl Condrey
Date: 6/28/2005 11:29 pm
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I live out of town and can't seem to find out who owns the land behind me.Its overgrown and the vines and trees keep creeping over my fence. A chain link fence surrounds my back property. helpful in keeping my dogs at home. I have a lot of bushes and vines in the fence line. My teen son and myself have been trying to clean a lot of it off. Some are vines and with huge leaves of 3. Some have multiple leaves. A lot of roots run along the fence line ground and are somewhat hairy. We try to cut them and pull them up. Some are bushes and the trunks have grown into the chain links making it impossible to remove it all without removing the fence. These are lumpy ,gnarled trunks with toothed type leaves. Some have grown into other good trees like Myrtle and can't seem to separate without killing the good stuff. I bought this place only 19 months ago so I was not the lazy one that let it get out of hand. My son and myself are both covered with blisters and burning and itching like mad. i think I have Poison Ivy, Poison Sumac and Poison oak all at the same time. We both continue to break out and not just in the same areas. This really does seem to be spreading. We have tried a lot of over the counter remedies and seem to keep getting worse. Any ideas on relief that don't take time to send off for are appreciated. Any helpful tips on an easier way to kill all this stuff other than pulling it up(We burn it too. Know thats something we aren't supposed to do but how else can you get rid of it? We pull it up first then pile it on the brush pile and burn it all.)Never thought of taking pictures of all the kinds of stuff out there but certainly will as well as pics of our rashes. Got to clean this stuff off our fence and property line. Have a grandchild I don't want to get in it. Heard there are some sprays to kill the stuff but that won't remove the dead brush. Worry about my dogs too. Beautiful Golden retrievers. They mostly leave it alone but when they see us pulling at it they want to help. They grab it with their mouths and pull and chew at it. Have heard dogs don't get it but can it harm them if they swallow it or chew it? Enough with I heard this or that. We need real facts and help. Will this keep getting worse? Can we get relief from the rash without going to doctors? I don't have health insurance so unless its necessary we avoid doctors. Seems to be mostly on our arms and legs. I did get some around my eyes. I have handled this stuff many times and with my bare hands without a reaction or if a reaction occured it was only one or two bumps. We are eat up with it now! I hate shoes and work in the yard a lot with just flip flops. I love strange plants and flowers and work in flower beds a lot. Don't want this experience to ruin my love of doing yard work. I am 47 years old and never had anything like this. Afraid my son will refuse to help me anymore. Help us!

We're scartching! (Approved)Cheryl Condrey6/28/2005 11:29 pm
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