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Symptoms after a year

Subject: Symptoms after a year
Author: Andrew Johnson
Date: 6/28/2005 5:08 pm
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I am very allergic to posion ivy/oak, and came into contact with it last summer. I had a horrible reaction to it, which I eventually got under control with creams, etc. However, today, a year from my exposure, I still have reddish looking bumps on my arm where I had the worst reaction. It looks like the beginning stages of poison oak at times, although it does not itch. At the very least, it looks like little bumbs beneath my skin. I do not have these bumps on my other arm, which was not exposed to the poison oak.
Last fall, I brought this up to my doctor, who said it must be a different skin condition. Does anyone know of this occuring, haviing these bumps a full year after exposure? if so, are there any good treatments? Thanks very much for the help.

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