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thorns on plants HELP!!!

Subject: thorns on plants HELP!!!
Author: chris
Date: 6/27/2005 2:37 pm
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does anyone know if any of the poison ivy's have thorns like rose bushes????? if so what kind of poison am i dealing with??? nothing i am doing is helping, one minute it'll be going away the next it's not, i have scratches from what i thought was a wild rose bush but it's spreading. it doesn't look like posion ivy or oak, it's the scratches welting up, no blisters, bumps anything like that, my husband had posion ivy 2mos ago and i know it's not what i have. i need help!!! tired the bleach, alochol, cold water, aveeno, domeboro, none of which is helping.

thorns on plants HELP!!! (Approved)chris6/27/2005 2:37 pm
  Re: thorns on plants HELP!!! (Approved)Jason7/31/2005 0:58 am
    Re: thorns on plants HELP!!! (Approved)Dano7/31/2005 2:05 pm