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There is Hope! See a Doc!

Subject: There is Hope! See a Doc!
Author: Beth
Date: 6/24/2005 0:05 am
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Ohhh, there is hope! I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel now.

My PI rash started simply enough about 24 hours after I unknowingly had contact. Within 3 days, it was practically out of control, spreading to several areas on my body. My chest and neck were flaming red, itchy, and my neck was quite swollen. Never having had PI before, I didn't realize this wasn't quite right. Fortunately my husband urged me to see a doctor.

The emergency clinic doc. gave me a shot of prednisone and started me on a 16-day oral prescription for prednisone. From what I've read, the steriod treatment needs to be about that long to really be effective.

I've been using Caladryl lotion to help dry the rash and blisters (I have 4 large ones on one arm). I'm also taking 2 hot showers a day. The doc. suggested Benadryl at night to help with sleep and itch control. For seasonal allergies I'm already on Clarinex and Zyrtec but these don't seem to have affect on the PI, although I know some people are prescribed Zyrtec for itch.

A few little spots are still popping up on my upper and lower abdomen and arms but they are not amounting to much, although they are a little bothersome.

I'm now using Gold Bond Medicated Lotion on the dried areas, hydrocortisone cream on the still rashy places, and still the Caladryl on the arm blisters.

My husband didn't see me today until we were both home in the evening and he said "God, you look so much better today." I feel like I've turned the corner on this thing, and this is only after 3 days on the oral steriods, 4 days after the shot.

I felt so embarassed about seeing a doctor about a stupid little (well, it started small!) rash, but it was the absolutely the right thing to do. I wish I had done it earlier.

To anybody with PI that starts to spread, see a doctor!

There is Hope! See a Doc! (Approved)Beth6/24/2005 0:05 am
  Re: There is Hope! See a Doc! (Approved)Heidi6/26/2005 5:05 pm