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what is its purpose

Subject: what is its purpose
Author: rosemarie
Date: 6/19/2005 7:29 am
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Can't help but wonder why God put this nasty stuff on the planet. Does it have any real purpose? Could it be turned into some magical potion to cure the world of disease or something. Seems to me that a weed that causes so much pain and suffering must have a godly purpose for being here.

Hmmm, perhaps its so we all get to meet and talk about how to stop the itching, make new friends or share our stories. Someone should write a book, oh, I guess there probably are lots of books, but one about the positives of poisen ivy.

Havent gotten there yet but would love to let go of the fear of my garden somehow,lol.

what is its purpose (Approved)rosemarie6/19/2005 7:29 am
  Re: what is its purpose (Approved)chris6/26/2005 1:10 pm