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Re: Spread & Shaving

Subject: Re: Spread & Shaving
Author: Pamela
Date: 6/18/2005 0:52 am
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Unfortunately I think I did spread mine this way-I bought two bags of disposable razors and used one for each leg when I did shave, and did try very hard to "shave between the spots" (easier said than done, I know). For sure I threw away the razors. There is just no way it is true that they don't spread one to the other, after three weeks and numerous showers (several with special with special "poison ivy scrub")that oil was gone. I did come up with a few new possible places to wash (I had it so long before I knew I had it this was a total nightmare). Garden tools of course, garden hose (handle and entire hose),car seat, kitchen dish towels, barbeque mit (which coveres right arm when grilling (I tossed that), socks I wore gardening of course, panty hose I wore (again before I knew I had it), sweater I covered up with in air conditioning (before I knew) tops I wore with sleeves (before any spots appeared on arms even after several showers-taking no chances). We have dog but never got it from him before, and I knew we had poison ivy in back yard which I pulled up with garden gloves on -(TOSSED THOSE OF COURSE). Thought that was the end of it-turned out to be the beginning of course, as I believe I spread it first to parts of legs with garden glove. Probably also got it on garden tools and transferred it from there to arms and legs also -which I haven't tackled yet for clean up -scared to go near them. And don't forget shoes!

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