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Re: Still Spreading

Subject: Re: Still Spreading
Author: Pamela
Date: 6/17/2005 9:10 am
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See my reply to Scott on June 14. Also when I crossed my legs at the ankle it spread from the back left to front right ankle, and I am sure the oils had to be gone, because the second didn't appear for over two weeks from exposure. (I had spots still appearing 12 days after Dr. visit which was two days after I realized I had poison ivy and a wek after exposure-so spots were appearing three weeks after exposure, long after I was "being careful" in many ways.) Bottom line: dry off with paper towels after showering (one towel per half limb placed over limb to absorb moisture, NOT MOVED AROUND, then discarded) and no "swabbing" between spots (applying lotions or itch relievers (like my witch hazel with cotton squares when I swabbed one arm or one leg (I am sure I spread it that way) swab EACH SPOT separately(no matter how long it takes).

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