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Re: Spread

Subject: Re: Spread
Author: Pamela
Date: 6/17/2005 1:42 am
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I am posting to several threads, as I am just finishing my first miserable bout with PI, so this may not be the most helpful comment I make but I became convinced I was spreading it from one spot to another, and the turning point seemed to come when I became hyper-careful about not doing that (i.e. drying with paper towels, each a separate one for each limb (instead of towel that had just been washed that went everywhere). After 10 days since I had beco me aware I had poison ivy I was still getting new spots (despite predisone and everything else topical and obsession with my 40+ spots on arms and legs). For instance about mid-way through I was wiping down my arms and legs with witch hazel and then applying my topical treatment of the day - I am convinced my swabbing with clean cotton squares (one per each limb)spread the stuff. Wipe only one spot at time, (no matter how many you have) each with a different dry towel, including after showering!

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