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how did i get it

Subject: how did i get it
Author: Brian
Date: 6/13/2005 3:05 pm
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ok... about 5 days ago is when i think i got it.... the problem is i was in side most of the time.. i wasnt near any plants.. but my issue is i got poison ivy last year on my legs arms and hands.. eventualy it went away but now i have it again on my hands and its in about the same places as before.. i was wondering if the poison ivy has hidden itself in my skin for a year andwhen summer started again the sun or something else could have brought them out again... any ideas how i might have gotten it.. oh and about treatments.. i was useing an anti ich medison and it didnt work and now im useing calimine lotion and its not helping... it doesnt ich but its not healing.. in fact its spreading a bit among my fingers.. adn its really frustrateing bc u ude ur hands to do almost everything and my friends will start to think im dirty.. lol i just want then toheal up fast

how did i get it (Approved)Brian6/13/2005 3:05 pm
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