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Re: pi, prednisone, hives..

Subject: Re: pi, prednisone, hives..
Author: rosemarie
Date: 6/12/2005 4:48 pm
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Of course, I am not a doctor but sounds like its the usual spreading of the rash. For me it takes sometimes 3-4 weeks for the outbreaks to stop. The original breakout is usually the worst but the others can be just as itchy but perhaps smaller and hive like as you said. Maybe you can call your pharmacy regarding the antibiotic and they can tell you more about that allergic reaction as opposed to the poisen ivy rash. I took the predisoe with my last breakout 2 weeks ago and didn't get much relief but finally I am feeling it leaving my body. I have lots of bumps everywhere and still itch but its much better. Good Luck!!

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