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Not sure if PI or not

Subject: Not sure if PI or not
Author: BethF
Date: 6/10/2005 0:53 am
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Starting about 7 years ago i developed a sensitivity to poison ivy...now, I usually end up with it at least once a year. I try to avoid it at all costs but it is difficult to avoid my dogs (a common vector for me). Normally I can head it off fairly quickly using Goldbond poweder to dry it up or IVAREST for more severe outbreaks (I get NO relief from prednisone or other steroid treatment). I broke out with a rash last week and I treated it just as I always do but the treatments aren't working?? THe rash doesn't look like my usual PI outbreaks either...kinda welty,chained bumps that ooze, instead I have single blisters...kind of like chicken pox (I've already had these so know that isn't what it is). The spread is typical of PI...new blisters showing up all of the time but the usual itch isn't present unless I get into a hot bath (always a bad idea for me). Any ideas if it is possible to have a reaction to virgina creeper...I've been pulling and killing off quite a bit of this the past couple of weeks (NO PI mixed in with it)...or is this just a progressive/different form of reaction to PI?

Thanx for any help.

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