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Re: Time Frame of Poison Ivy

Subject: Re: Time Frame of Poison Ivy
Author: Susan
Date: 6/8/2005 11:08 pm
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You need to go to the Doctors, i went to my Dermetolgist and got a 5 day oral predisone medicine ,that didnt help so then i got a shot of it, was much better for a while then 3 weeks later another shot better again but not for long, and three weeks later another a total of three shots , three weeks apart predisone suppresses the immune system so your body stops reacting to having had the PI. I guess some of us react to the PI oils longer . So surppressing the reaction gets rid of the itching and rashes and blisters.Just hearing my Doc say the PI is gone! this is just the reaction from coming in contact with it, made me feel better.... i like using an over the counter astringent called Domeboro follow directions using rreeaallyy cold water to make compresses(paper towels).soothing and drying without hurting the healthy skin lots of warm baths too help... keeps itching down for a few hours. like before bed...but get a shot of predisone and re-schuedule with the doc cuz u might need to go back for another it totally helped and cleared it up right away within hours Good luck and throw everything away that might have came in contact with the plants oils,.. I would not take the chance of keeping any of it to use again,.. all that can be replaced. the oil can be around for yearsss and it only takes a minute amount to send u itching..... Susan

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