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Re: I don't get it

Subject: Re: I don't get it
Author: Susan
Date: 6/8/2005 10:10 pm
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You better line your next app. with the Doc , cuz your gonna need a shot of Pridisone and maybe in a couple of weeks another if its still around . i had to get 3 shots three weeks apart before the Doc explained that the PI was gone , but my body was still over reacting to having had it. So i got another shot. the Doc said no problem if its makin it better. Finally my body stopped reating and i stopped itching ,, just hearing the Doc say its gone this is just a reaction made me feel better.but they tried me on the oral pridsone for 5 days too before starting the shots , it did nothing only the shot helped , and using this over the counter astringent called Domeboro---follow directions using reeaallyy cold water to make compresse aaahhhhh so soothing and helped dry it up wiithout hurting the healthy skin.GOOD Luck and dont scratch!!!Susan

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