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Subject: I NEED HELP!!!!!
Author: Lee Ann
Date: 6/6/2005 6:37 pm
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My son and I got poison ivy on May 8th from a farm we visited in Kansas. My son age 11 is alergic to the plant and we took showers when we got home; however, we broke out minimally within 24 hours.

By the next day my son had blisters on his shins, thighs, waist and below, chest, back and arms. My poison ivy remained confined to my shins.

We went to the Dr. and each got a shot, which did nothing and my son continued to get worse.

We ended up on Prednizone, Zirtac and Vistaril (which knocks him out) but began working within a few days.

Here is my problem ~ Once my son was finished with the medication and he was fairly cleared up; however, on May 24th he came down with what looked like measels. He broke out with bumps all over his body and the itching was unbearable. Plus his face began to swell. It ended the size of a volleyball and he could not open his mouth to eat because his lips were stretched so tight.

I immediately took him to our Dr. who did not know what he had. 4 Dr's looked at him and not one had ever seen this rash before. After a few days my Dr. put him back on the same 3 medications he had before i.e., Prednizone, Zirtac and Vistaril.

Within a day he began improving. Today is June 6th and his face is still a little swollen and when he gets hot he still itches.

Our Dr. believes the poison ivy got into his blood stream which gave it to him internally and he broke out from the inside out.

It has now been 4 weeks since he was infected. I have contacted 5 Alergists and not one will look at him as there is nothing they can do for poison ivy alergies.

My son is scheduled for Boy Scout Camp in July. I don't know if I should send him or not our Dr. says he's okay and to send him.

Any ideas???
Has anyone heard of this before???
Any suggestions would be appreciated...

Thank you,

Lee Ann

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