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Re: Shaving after exposeure

Subject: Re: Shaving after exposeure
Author: SteveL
Date: 6/4/2005 10:54 pm
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You are right, Let me explain the procedure ...

1) Remove all clothing, and I mean ALL, and wash at least twice.
2) Shower well, this means with a good strong detergent (dry)
3) With a new razor, shave away from the body, down the legs. Then dispose of razor.
4) Maintain with an abrasive pad at least daily (Scotch Brite, white color)

I know this sounds a little extreme but the exfoliation of the skin seems reduces the amount of Urushi oil, thus reducing the amount of irritation.

Shaving after exposeure (Approved)SteveL5/28/2005 9:25 am
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