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Oral Ivy = 2 thumbs up

Subject: Oral Ivy = 2 thumbs up
Author: Jake H.
Date: 5/29/2005 11:46 pm
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Hello. I have been in the land surveying business for a few years now. In the past I suffered from several serious P. Ivy rashes each summer with smaller rashes and outbreaks intermittently. This year I did some research after getting a bad case of P. Ivy and came across a product called Oral Ivy. As soon as I got the bottle in the mail I started taking the recommended dosage. This was quite a few weeks ago and I can honestly say I have tromped through dense blankets of P.I., torn the vines down with my bare hands, brushed up against the leaves with my arms and face, and haven't experienced the first spot of rash or irritation yet. Prior to taking Oral Ivy I would have been literally covered with P.I. rashes on my entire body with this amount of exposure. I am completely sold on Oral Ivy. I no longer fear leaves of three and definitely recommend Oral Ivy to everyone.

Oral Ivy = 2 thumbs up (Approved)Jake H.5/29/2005 11:46 pm
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