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Shaving after exposeure

Subject: Shaving after exposeure
Author: SteveL
Date: 5/28/2005 9:25 am
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I have suffered with the poison ivy for years and have tried about everything. A while back I observed something that really surprised me. My girl friend also suffers from the poison ivy and get it on the upper parts of her body (face, arms, legs, chest) but not on her legs. So one day I noticed after we where done working in the yard that she took a shower, she and I both knew that we had been exposed to the PI and took extra care to clean thoroughly but then she did something that I didnít she shaved her legs.

I thought what the heck, which looks worse the PI or shaved legs and shave my legs.

To my surprise the PI showed up on my arms but not on my legs. I have now kept up the regiment after working in the yard for several years now and only get a very mild case of PI on my legs if any at all. I have not gone as far as shaving of arms and do still get it on my arms.

I have found that using an electric razor does not work, you need to use a good quality safety razor (not a disposable) also a preshave conditioner such as Nivea seems to help even more.

I know this is not a cure but it seems to reduce severity of the PI.

Shaving after exposeure (Approved)SteveL5/28/2005 9:25 am
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