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P I an dry skin

Subject: P I an dry skin
Author: Diane
Date: 5/27/2005 6:12 pm
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I got PI 2 weeks ago after cutting down the vine. I had gloves on a long sleeves so I though I was safe. I couldn't stand the burning an itching so i constantly covered my arms with a cool wet towel. i think I may have made it worse by doing that. I'm on my second prescription for prednisone, last pill will be tomorrow. The skin on my arms is so dry an flaky I was wondering what to use to give it some moisture. I have been using oatmeal soap an lotion. It looks a bit better , but still not back to normal. Now I have recently been getting itchy around my stomach an under the breast. I'm assuming this is happening because of moisture on the skin. I bought a product called sumactin, but i'm not sure if at this stage it will help.

P I an dry skin (Approved)Diane5/27/2005 6:12 pm