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Re: P.I. and a hot shower

Subject: Re: P.I. and a hot shower
Author: Marc
Date: 5/24/2005 7:49 am
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Don't take hot showers with P.I. It will cause your rash to spread and get worse. Take as cool a shower as you can tolerate. I've suffered from many P.I. rashes and have learned the hard way that heat only makes the P.I. rash spread. Not only showers, but heat from washing dishes, hot plastic surfaces in your car, perspiration, etc... The spreading only makes the rash take more time to heal as the new outbreaks will still take 3-5+ days to go away (even with the remedies).

Remedies: This site has several good remedies and as you may have read what works for one person, may not work for another person. This general regimen has worked well for me. I advance the theory of doing all you can as quickly as you can. 1) Wash thoroughly all clothing and bedding and your body. 2) See a doctor for a steriod shot. 3) Take Benadryl or similar to reduce itching. 4) Over the counter cremes to temporarily relieve a bad onset of localized itching.

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