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Re: Urushiol Break-down Time?

Subject: Re: Urushiol Break-down Time?
Author: BPS
Date: 5/20/2005 9:22 pm
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Found this on the fast facts icon up in the left corner of your screen. Here is your answer in case you didn't read it.
Urushiol Oil is Potent
*Only 1 nanogram (billionth of a gram) needed to cause rash
*Average is 100 nanograms for most people
*1/4 ounce of urushiol is all that is needed to cause a rash in every person on earth
*500 people could itch from the amount covering the head of a pin
*Specimens of urushiol several centuries old have found to cause dermatitis in sensitive people.
*1 to 5 years is normal for urushiol oil to stay active on any surface including dead plants
*Derived from urushi, Japanese name for lacquer

Urushiol Break-down Time? (Approved)Joel5/20/2005 5:41 pm
  Re: Urushiol Break-down Time? (Approved)BPS5/20/2005 9:22 pm