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Subject: Spreading?
Author: Casey
Date: 5/19/2005 3:14 pm
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I am confused? I am very sensitive to poison ivy, one of those catch it every year guys. I have always noticed that when a blister leaks I get new blisters from the discharged liquid. When researching poison ivy on the net every site claims the liquid from the blisters does not cause this? I don't believe this theory infact I strongly disagree. I know for a fact I have had poison ivy spread long after the initial contact with the plant. I work at a high tech electronics company where I have to where a lab coat and heel straps to prevent static discharge from ruining parts and I hear the same logic from my supervisor who makes me continue to put my lab coat on day after day causing my rash to spread up and down my arms. Even some of your replies contradict this logic by telling people to change there sheets daily and one about a poor guy with it on his butt who was told to change his boxers twice a day, clearly not to avoid any of the original plant liquid but avoid letting the liquid from the blisters spreading the rash.
I currently have PI since 5 days ago, I've thoroughly washed myself, the inside of my house and I change the sheets daily yet I get new blisters daily and I refuse to think these are places that made contact with the plant 5 days ago and not just the product of my current blisters spreading. In fact my left arm was rash free until today and now I have two on this arm. Can someone please make since of this? Thank U!

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