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Re: big monstrous bubbles

Subject: Re: big monstrous bubbles
Author: Seth
Date: 5/15/2005 2:24 pm
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I am really allergic to posion ivy and i had this really big reaction with it and it started popping up on my wrists, the my arm, my leg, all over....So i went to the Doctors and the doctor said "ya, this is poison ivy, i can give u a pill that will knock it out fomr the inside out" i talked mroe with her and found out that it is the ORIGINAL OIL that causes the reaction, not the puss form the boils...so as long as u get the original oil off ur skin, then the rxn comes, form my understanding, the PI wont spread...the doctor said that the poison ivy spreads through the bloodstream (i am still not exactly sure how this is, im still trying to find an answer to it). so the Dr said that the posion ivy can pop up really anywhere that the blood vessels go., and u cant predict where it will go...the the previous response was right, u def want to pop it with a streilized needle and wrap it up nicely so that u dont get an infection, but im 99.9% sure u cant get an allergic rxn form the bubbles' ooze.

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