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Sore muscles

Subject: Sore muscles
Author: Jim
Date: 5/13/2005 0:09 am
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I have a rash of some kind (poision ivy I think). The area around my knee is completely red, but no blisters. No lines of bumps like others are describing with PI. My entire knee is red and full of tiny bumps. My skin feels dry (almost like leather). It has been 4 days, it itches a little, but it is starting to get sore. If I lay down for a while, then get up, it feels like all of my blood rushes to my knee. It starts to throb and feels warm. This will last about 2-3 mins. The area is starting to feel sore also.
Anyone ever have a reaction to PI like this? I am getting concerend about the sore muscle.

Also, my entire knee/lower thigh is a little swollen. The swollen area is hard. It feels like I have a knot below the rash. I would describe it to resemble the feeling of a mosquito bite. After a day or so, the area around the bite feels hard and a little swollen.

Any thoughts? thanks,


Sore muscles (Approved)Jim5/13/2005 0:09 am
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