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Removal and Discarding of...

Subject: Removal and Discarding of...
Author: Larry
Date: 5/11/2005 9:58 pm
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I have some poison oak and ivy growing inside of a oak tree. 1st question: if i cut all of the limbs to the oak/ivy how long do i have to wait before it dies off enough for me to be able to pull or dray it out of the oak limbs safely without setting myself up for getting the rash? 2nd question: would it be better if i cut all limbs of the oak/ivy, wait a couple days, then spray it also? 3rd question: is there anything i can do to kill it and prevent myself from catching the rash or worse. 4th question and final one: the limbs are dusty, there is not any chance of catching anything from airborne particles is there? Hopefully I have not overdone my concerns here, but i am older and certainly do not want to wind up in any type of serious health situation. Thank You and will be waiting for someone's reply.

Removal and Discarding of... (Approved)Larry5/11/2005 9:58 pm