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More Tips For PI

Subject: More Tips For PI
Author: Margerie
Date: 5/10/2005 12:28 pm
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-A few people mentioned vinegar to help with the rash &/or blisters. If you try adding baking soda so it forms a paste, than dab on the blisters lightly, it takes away the itch, an helps speed the healing.
-Straight aloe vera works wonders when it's still a rash an helps keep blisters from forming. I'm talking about the aloe vera PLANT. Break off a piece an don't be afraid to saturate the rash. Once on, let it dry itself. Treat PI rashes an blisters as would a burn.
-Stay away from anything hot, such as coffee, hot tea, soups etc. this will cause blisters to spread, an be more uncomfortable, an take that much longer to heal.
-NO carbinated liquids or spicy foods
Things to eat:
Creamy foods, such as mashed potatos, mac & cheese type foods.
- ICE CREAM is best for soothing an comfort
The colder your inside stays the better you'll feel, an speeds the healing process without spreading.
- Ice cream, yogurts, sherbert, puddings, jello before it gells are the best.
Any info I'm passing on is from my mom, who had a severe case when she was young. INSIDE AND OUT, she could barely move. This was caused by neighbors burning it. Now she's immmuned to it, as all her kids, myself included. She said anything hot irritated her, cold things helped keep her the most comfortable.
PI is best to treat as soon as you see a rash. Don't wait to see if that's what it is. It's better to be safe than sorry.
Right now, even though I'm immuned to it, I currently use this to help others to rid poison ivy from their homes. I don't charge. I feel it's a gift so to speak, so I try to help as many as I can. I hope this helped a little. Take care everyone.

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