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Re: P.I. inside body?

Subject: Re: P.I. inside body?
Author: Margerie
Date: 5/10/2005 8:46 am
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Hi Kathryn,
I read your post an immediately had to read it. YES it does go inside the body. My mom had a very serious case of it when she was young, due to neighbors burning it. (WHICH YOU NEVER DO EVERYONE...EVER)She was a little girl when this happened playing in her bedroom with the windows opened. And of course, she was blistered internally for months.In her throat etc... back then there wasn't much to do other than suffer it out.
However, when she healed, she became immuned to it after that. And all her kids myself included are immuned as well. Which of course doesn't mean I'd go out playing in it, it just means I've been around it an never have problems. My mom said milk shakes an ice cream soothed her pain, cold things, such as jello, puddings, ice cream, yogurts, sherbert etc, basically anything dairy with nutrition, an things you would eat if you had tonsilitus. The cold things sooths, an ice cream puts a coating in your throat all the way down to help ease the pain. Water is good, however jello is best, just before it jells, otherwise it makes the blisters bigger an the healing process will take longer. I strongly suggest, seeing a doctor, perhaps now he may have medicines an anti biotics to help. But when it comes to comfort until it heals, ICE CREAM is the best along with shakes. I really would like to know how you're doing. I really feel for you, an hope all is well sweetie. Take care an let me know how you are now. margerie

P.I. inside body? (Approved)Kathryn5/8/2005 10:14 pm
  Re: P.I. inside body? (Approved)Margerie5/10/2005 8:46 am