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Myths about Poison Ivy, and Oak

Subject: Myths about Poison Ivy, and Oak
Author: Nathan
Date: 5/7/2005 10:33 pm
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I thought Poison Oak grew into full grown trees but, when I was searching the net I didn't see any fully grown trees of Poison Oak anywhere. I also thought Poison Ivy had 5 leaves and Poison Oak had 3. But websites are showing Poison Ivy having just 3 leaves. See I am quite allergic to all of this and I always thought it had 5 leaves and 3 was the oak. I know Poison Ivy is usually a vine and can grow as tall as the tree it is on. I have also heard of people (who are allergic to poison ivy) putting poison ivy leaves in those clear pill capsules and they swallow it and they say that they never get poison ivy after doing that. I do not want to risk that. Well anyhow I just stumbled to this website and was wondering if you had any responses to my wondering and myths could you please Email me at: zorgite3@yahoo.com I will probly forget about this site after tonight that is why I ask to be emailed. This site is a rather good one. I would save the link to my address bar but, I am at my cousins. But, anyhow thanks for your replies.

Myths about Poison Ivy, and Oa (Approved)Nathan5/7/2005 10:33 pm
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