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Re: Clearing my Property - Yank first, or Spray first?

Subject: Re: Clearing my Property - Yank first, or Spray first?
Author: Susan G.
Date: 5/6/2005 11:04 am
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One way to keep goats where you want them is to put a collar on them, put a chain on a tire(with a rim), and connect the chain to their collar. This way you can roll the tire wherever you want it, and it should be heavy enough to keep the goat in the area of your choosing. This is one way we plan to clear away a bunch of undesirable growth. I don't want to use any chemical pesticides or fertilizers; our chickens help keep undesirable bugs to tolerable levels, our goats keep back a lot of undesirable plant life, and both produce wonderful fertilizer for our gardens.

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