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chipped PI roots and vines

Subject: chipped PI roots and vines
Author: iana
Date: 4/26/2005 6:56 pm
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We recently cleared the rear wooded area of our property which happened to be overgrown with PI. All was going smoothly until I noticed the 'special' pile of Poison Ivy root and vine that I had assembled was gone. I had carefully been putting all the poison ivy roots and vines in a pile so they would dry out and die. We were chipping all the brush and fallen tree limbs and I believe the poison ivy got chipped too. Does anyone know if I need to dispose of the wood chips instead of composting them. Will the ivy regrow from the chipped roots. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks

chipped PI roots and vines (Approved)iana4/26/2005 6:56 pm