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poison ivy rash/itching remedies

Subject: poison ivy rash/itching remedies
Author: Libby Stupak
Date: 4/25/2005 4:11 pm
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Last year I got a rash for the first time ever and I'm pretty sure it was poison ivy since we do have some on our property. I tried to stay away from it, although at the time I was not familiar with the large "vines" since I had never seen anything other than the low growing, 6-12" small plant that grew along the paths at the beach, along the roads, near the woods, etc. The rash was horrific -- both my legs were pretty much entirely covered and I had some on my arms, face and torso. I looked like I had been whipped repeatedly and the blisters were immense. After reading this website and some of the readers remedies for the itch, I used white vinegar several times a day applied with cotton balls. This helped to sooth the itch and dry the blisters out. I also took oatmeal baths, purchasing the Walgreen brand (comes in packets) which was alot less expensive than other brands. I used water as hot as I could stand it, both in the baths and in the shower, which also helped greatly with the itch. I did go on prednizone eventually because it was so bad.

poison ivy rash/itching remedi (Approved)Libby Stupak4/25/2005 4:11 pm