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poison ivy "pills" at the store??

Subject: poison ivy "pills" at the store??
Author: kay
Date: 4/24/2005 6:55 pm
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I've read some posts about eating small pieces of poison ivy for immunity. And I"M NOT SUGGESTING TO DO THAT, but this morning at church (my arms are covered with pi) a friend of mitine said, "Oh when I start getting a spot of pi, I take POISIN IVY PILLS. That are homeopathic and at the drug store for about $8.00 and they really work to stop the ivy and clear it up!

OK, I went to the drug store after church and sure enough, there are these little pills in the poison ivy treatment section. (I might add there was only one bottle left!) The name is simply POISIN IVY PILLS. They are packaged in a white box with green letter and kind of old fashioned looking. I read the enclosed insert and would you believe it says the pills are made of MINUTE AMOUNTS of POISIN IVY LEAVES!!!! No way, I thought! Well, I did not buy them. Right now, I'm so miserable that I don't want to even touch the box of pills made from minute amounts of poison ivy leaves.

Just wondered if anyone has seen these and tried them.

Please, let me repeat, I AM NOT SUGGESTING TO USE THEM, but thought it was very interesting!

That's all.


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