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Re: Poison Ivy. How much Prednisone?

Subject: Re: Poison Ivy. How much Prednisone?
Author: Sharon
Date: 4/24/2005 3:16 pm
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Rene, Thanks, I'll try it. I've never broke out from it in the past. This is nuts.Im trying anything at this point. After looking at some pics of others I should not complain so much.
I pretty much have it from my chin to my ankles. but its in patches averaging 6" in Dia.and small blisters.Some of those pics I saw are unreal how do they deal with it.I do shower and I get in the hot tub which I increased the chemicals and that seems to bring releif for a while.Do you or anyone know how long before it stops appearing? this is day 4 and I still wake up with new spots.I have about an 1/2 of woods I still have to clear. well it may have to wait. haha. or is there a real way to protect your self.I also this it may be on my dog, he sleeps with me and I can't figure out any other way it could be so bad. Anyways thatnks for the advise and hopr you too recover soon.Keep me updated. Sharon

Poison Ivy. How much Predniso (Approved)Sharon4/23/2005 11:18 am
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