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Clearing my Property - Yank first, or Spray first?

Subject: Clearing my Property - Yank first, or Spray first?
Author: Angela P.
Date: 4/15/2005 10:09 pm
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We live on about 1.5 acres, but have only cleared about 1/3 of it, where the house is. Our kids are bigger now, and we want to expand the yard, but the rest of the wooded property is postitvely COVERED with poison ivy. It's everywhere I look!

Should I spray everything with killer first, and then suit up and start yanking out the dead vines, or should I start by pulling the vines as much as I can, and then spraying what is left over?

I've been battling this stuff for more than 10 years, and I'm tired of treating rashes on my family. Is this really something I can get rid of myself, or are there professionals who can do it? Geez...I'd even consider agent orange at this point!

Clearing my Property - Yank fi (Approved)Angela P.4/15/2005 10:09 pm
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