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Re: Weeping Amber Ooze

Subject: Re: Weeping Amber Ooze
Author: darlene
Date: 4/12/2005 7:42 am
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Hi. Have u been taking hot showers or along those lines for relief euphoria? Well, in my opinion, that may be the cause. My pi was 'controlled' i thought for the initial week, then i took a warm Oatmeal bath @ 2 am, which then tempted me to pour a pitcher of hot water directly on pi. i poured quite a few hot pitchers of hot water on my pi rash wounds. DUMB. The next am, orange liquid, & some cystallized came out from the opened wounds. Inflammation, aggravation, and more itchiness emerged. Hope this helps & i'm praying for all those sufferers out there too. insominiac off of prednisone, but not complaining... 4:30 am!! darlene

Weeping Amber Ooze (Approved)Ryan2/4/2005 1:26 pm
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