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not sure

Subject: not sure
Author: Cassie
Date: 4/8/2005 3:00 pm
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I have a lot of these plants growing in the back yard. they are not in bushes. I seen this site and went out to look again. They looks like sticks coming out of the ground then there are stems branching off into 3 leaves. The stems are frim and go straight up (no bending). The leaves so far are small and deep redish-purple. There was one that had leaves about 3 inches long and they were green. I looked closer and found there are vines in the ground every where that these "branches" are coming from. Could this maybe be poison ivy? I always thought they were in bushels and have a red stem and 3 green leaves but now im not so sure.

not sure (Approved)Cassie4/8/2005 3:00 pm
  Re: not sure (Approved)Mark4/23/2005 7:58 am