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Re: Neck infection/ thyroid gland swelling

Subject: Re: Neck infection/ thyroid gland swelling
Author: Sandy
Date: 12/29/2004 3:24 pm
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Hi Mario :-) I am also having the same problem. I'm not sure what to do. I have had poison ivy now for about two and a half weeks. For the past week the gland in my neck near my jaw has been swollen and today the right side has now become slightly swollen. I noticed that you posted this message on the 9th, it is now the 29th. What, if anything, have you done for your situation. I'm concerned and not sure if I should contact a doctor. Please help, I hope you read this soon. Thanks in advance.

Neck infection/ thyroid gland (Approved)Mario12/9/2004 1:28 am
  Re: Neck infection/ thyroid gl (Approved)Sandy12/29/2004 3:24 pm
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