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Re: i need an answer asap!

Subject: Re: i need an answer asap!
Author: Laurie
Date: 12/29/2004 2:11 pm
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Yikes! As long as the urushiol has been thouroughly washed off I don't see the harm. But remember, the oil needs to be washed off completely. Zanfel works great for that. This product works best if it is used in the first 24-48 hours of exposure to decrease the effect the oil has. Although I'm not sure what it says about using it on your mouth. But I found that using it to wash the oil off works well also. But in my personal opinion, I would take measures to protect yourself, that may mean just a kiss on the cheek for now:-) Good luck

i need an answer asap! (Approved)Visitor12/29/2004 3:27 am
  Re: i need an answer asap! (Approved)Laurie12/29/2004 2:11 pm