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Re: Sumactin - Miracle Cure?

Subject: Re: Sumactin - Miracle Cure?
Author: Keven A.
Date: 10/29/2004 3:23 pm
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Hi Craig, I've never tried Sumactin but may in the future. I have used Ivy Stat recently and really liked how quickly it got rid of the rash. I rarely get the rash any more since I am diligent about using Tecnu after I've been around or exposed to poison ivy. Still, I get it once in a while because of secondary contact. Ivy Stat has worked extremely well. It has two tubes in the box. The first tube is a scrub like Zanfel and the second tube is a hydrocortisone gel. I've used Zanfel before and the tube in Ivy Stat that is like Zanfel is considerably bigger than Zanfel's tube. One other thing I like is that I got it at Rite Aid for $20. I paid $39.95 for Zanfel about a year ago but I think it might be less now. By the way, how much was the Sumactin and did you get it at a drug store?

Sumactin - Miracle Cure? (Approved)Craig10/17/2004 3:11 pm
  Re: Sumactin - Miracle Cure? (Approved)Keven A.10/29/2004 3:23 pm
    Re: Sumactin - Miracle Cure? (Approved)Craig11/2/2004 11:16 am