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Re: Please explain the "oil"

Subject: Re: Please explain the "oil"
Author: Poison in VA
Date: 10/25/2004 10:45 pm
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im in day 14 of first contact with plant ,day 8 of rash and blisters,and iching. i have been prescribed steriod cream and pills for 7 days , now im using DOMOBORO-astrigent solution it comes in 12 packets . i mix 2 packets in coooolllld water 16 oz.use a soft cloth or gauze and soak in solution the squeeze out and place on rash and blisters im hopeing it will dry it up and it does give cooling relieve nice before bed . ive thrown out my sneakers and pruners and ive washed my jacket 4 times in hot water but i still dont think i can ever put it on i should just throw it out lol good luck !!

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