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Re: any risk to pregnant wife?

Subject: Re: any risk to pregnant wife?
Author: Amy
Date: 6/29/2004 12:28 pm
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I was 27 weeks pregnant when I got a horrible case of poison ivy - had both an external and internal allegic reaction. This was the first time I had reacted to poison ivy and both the dermetologist and my OB said that it was probably because I was pregnant that I reacted so severly. A woman's immune system is weakened during pregnancy to protect her fetus not herself. Have her stay away from the poison ivy as well as the clothing or tools you were using while working in the yard. The oils could transfer from those items to her if they haven't been washed. She can not however get the poison ivy from person to person contact. The poison ivy itself can not harm her or the baby but she might be limited on the treatment that she can get because she is pregnant - very uncomfortable for her. Good luck.

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