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Re: how long does it last

Subject: Re: how long does it last
Author: BPS
Date: 6/24/2004 11:34 am
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Maybe its not Pi. Check with your doctor. Or maybe you have a further infection thats causing the lenghty healing.
Contact with this annoying oil produces a rash in three out of four people. The rash can begin within a few hours after contact, or it can start three to five days later. The rash starts with itchiness and swelling, followed by a reddish inflammation of tiny pimples. Blisters then form and then couple in a chain-like reaction. This fluid then hardens to a yellowish crust. Left untreated, the rash (a typical histamine response) will last three to five weeks.

how long does it last (Approved)Michelle6/23/2004 3:29 pm
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