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Do not use peach leaves!

Subject: Do not use peach leaves!
Author: Cody
Date: 10/8/2003 7:00 pm
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I got poison oak at my job. My boss told me he heard of this folk remedy, but that he had never tried it. It involves gathering peach leaves and boiling them. After letting the liquid cool, apply to rash. Fair enough. I decided to try it on one arm, and use OTC medications on the other.
At first it seemed to dry up the rash, but within 3 days, my arm with the peach leaf water now looks like a lizard and is swolen from my arm pit to my finger tips. It spread all over my arm and I am getting ready to jump in the car and head to the Dr's.
Incidentially, my other arm remains under control and is not swollen. The only bad patch is where I decided to break the experiment and dab some peach water on it.

Please ignore all of the "I heard this helps" and "Old Lady so and so used to" stories and just go to the doctor if OTC stuff doesnt help.

Do not use peach leaves! (Approved)Cody10/8/2003 7:00 pm