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Subject: Shamed?
Author: JPG
Date: 10/8/2003 1:24 am
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Am I the only one who has Poison Oak on my penis? The first "thing" to swell up. I usually don't mind swelling there, but I'm suffering and itching. It's not very atttractive, like the elapant man's penis may have looked like. I just developed a rash on my neck. It's been four days since my "exposure". I was out in the woods and had to take a leak. Need I say more. What to do??? Try to leave out the wise remarks otherwise others with similar problems may not seek info.

Shamed? (Approved)JPG10/8/2003 1:24 am
  Re: Shamed? (Approved)BPS10/8/2003 4:07 pm
    Re: Shamed? (Approved)JPG10/9/2003 3:53 am