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Re: how long?

Subject: Re: how long?
Author: Don
Date: 10/7/2003 10:22 pm
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I recently unknowingly got into poison ivy - trimming a 'vine' in my backyard. My arms and legs were covered with rashes, welts and rough skin. I got a Kenelog (sp?) shot and took Zyrtec for the itch. Didn't seem to help me much.

After 5 or 6 days with little relief, I tried using Zanfel cream and soaked in an Epsom salt bath. After using the cream, the itching nearly stopped immediately! The worst sores that looked like railroad tracks needed about 2 days to clear.

Scratching probably didn't help much. For the open sores I caused while scratching, I used Betadine - doesn't stain and it kills bacteria causing infections.

I'm sold on Zanfel cream for the itching and rash; Betadine for the open sores. Zanfel is pricy but, to me, it's defintely worth it. Zanfel has a website that can help you locate a local source of the cream. Took less than 1 oz to clear the rashes I had on both legs and both arms. I now keep a tube on hand.

I had two varieties of poison ivy blow into my yard. Pretty looking vines but oh so painful for the careless...like me. Pictures of the two varieties were added to the submitted pictures page on this site.

Still curious about the large leaf variety. A college-aged Mexican young man who is immune to PI that I paid to remove all the vines in my yard says it grows wild along the river banks near his home in central Mexico. And, he says the large leaf variety is the most potent one...and, I agree!

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