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always 3 leaves?

Subject: always 3 leaves?
Author: j house
Date: 9/30/2003 1:57 pm
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Hi all,

As a recent sufferer of a nasty poison ivy attack lasting 4 weeks & 3 tubes of Zanfel (yes you can get it on your palms!!), I've been really working on identifying the daggone plant, and it seems we have a lot of it. The plant I know I came into contact with has very large 3 leaf pattern, pretty typical. I've also seen a plant growing around a tree trunk, (old apple tree), that is turning red now, that has five leaves. Does some poison ivy have 5 leaves? It looks like some kind of vine.

Also, my room mate has been making friends with a stray cat in the area. . .she's never reacted before, but suddenly has very suspicious symtems. Is it common to get the poison ivy oil from a free roaming cat or dog?

thanks for any info!

always 3 leaves? (Approved)j house9/30/2003 1:57 pm