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PLEASE HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Subject: PLEASE HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Author: Visitor
Date: 9/23/2003 5:02 pm
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well i recently got poisin ivy on friday and i broke out into a bad itch. it looked like a scratch on my arm, but it itched, now i have a lot of blisters all over my left arm and its starting to get into my right arm in my elbow. i have these blisters all over my left leg and a few on my right leg. i tried to pop the blisters because i want them to go away. a clear goozyness came out and i just wiped it on my clothes. will that make the poisin oak go away faster? i have benn out of school for 2 days now, and its also on my face and my neck and on the back of my neck. but i dont get it because i was in pants and a t shirt while my friend was in shorts and a t shirt and she doesnt have it !! please help me on what i should do about the blisters and and how long it will last!!

PLEASE HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Approved)Visitor9/23/2003 5:02 pm
  Re: PLEASE HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!! (Approved)just!N9/25/2003 4:49 pm
    Re: PLEASE HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!! (Approved)Linsley9/26/2003 12:27 pm
      Re: PLEASE HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!! (Approved)Rachelle11/2/2003 7:15 am