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New born and grandparent having poison

Subject: New born and grandparent having poison
Author: John Nieman
Date: 9/22/2003 6:26 pm
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Recently I had a bad reaction to poison ivy, my third in the last ten years or so. I had plans to visit my grandchild, a newborn less than a week old. A very well-know New York dermatologist assured me there was no danger of the poison ivy being contagious, and the Doctor who prescribed the Zanfel also assured me there was no danger to others. The Zanfel label states that it is a "myth" that poison ivy is contagious. I was already under treatment with Zanfel. I was planning to wear longsleeved shirts and at best not hold the baby.

My daughter would not let me on her property saying that her pediatrician, a Miami doctor, said the baby could not be around somone who had been in contact with poison ivy. "It was the could not be around" portion of this advice that I am concerned with. Not being alowed on her property seemed a bit severe, but I abided by the parents wishes although I did give them the information that I was given.

My question is, why did the pediatrian give this advice? Was there any danger to the new born. Of course, I was concerned for the health of the baby and, although extremely disappointed at not even being able to see my grandchild, I felt that there was not danger based on the expert information I received. The parents went with the advice of their pediatrician, and I will have to accept that, but I certainly do not agree with it. I would be interested in knowing if anyone out there has had a similar experience. I am being vilified as a grandparent who cares nothing for the health of their baby which certainly is not the case at all. What advie has anyone to give? Thanking you in advance.

New born and grandparent havin (Approved)John Nieman9/22/2003 6:26 pm
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