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What to do with a lot of small blisters?

Subject: What to do with a lot of small blisters?
Author: Tania
Date: 9/15/2003 11:19 am
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I got outbreak started 5 days ago. I am from Europe, I think we don't have anything like this.
Anyway I was camping 15 days ago on Long Point, Port Erie and camping site was surrounded with the plant.
The first it looked like a insect bite, it was itchy and I scratch the area which surrounded a few pimples.
As a result I have a few of middle size and a lot of small blisters. I don't know if they go away if I just keep applying cream. I saw a doctor and was diagnosed with Poison Ivy.
Yesterday and today I spent hours exploring your web site to find out what is that I have to deal with now.
I've read suggestions to bleach it away. I don't like those extreme methods. I managed to tolerate and control itching. I sleep in gloves to avoid scratching, but new things appeared. So it's confusing now for me if it's just the continuation of outbreak or I got it spreading, because of a lot of scratching in the beginning.
May I spread it to my husband, who is already a hay fever sufferer, because we sleep in the same bed?
Do I have to wash bedding everyday?
I am sorry probably there were questions like that, I have not seen them. I just read some messages in which washing bedding cover was mentioned. The message from the guy, who got it only by sitting on the sofa, has alerted me and made me think over all these questions.
In spite of my questions I found the site as a whole very helpful.
Thank you for help.

What to do with a lot of small (Approved)Tania9/15/2003 11:19 am
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